Sever potentiometer Volume P taper, 250 kOhm adjustable treble bleed circuit=VTB

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Sever potentiometer VolumeP taper, 250 kOhm adjustable treble bleed circuit=VTB

V-TBA – is a 250KΩ volume potentiometer with a special P taper characteristic enlarging the effective zone of a rotation when volume adjusting.

The extra feature of this potentiometer is an adjustable paralel treble bleed circuit.

In pictures below there are two axamples of 3 jumper switches in OFF position meaning there is just a basic capacitor acting on treble bleed control.

In third picture all of the 3 jumper switches are ON resulting in the maximum capacitance acting in the paralel treble bleed circuit.

Trimmer potentiometer – (see arrow), adjustable with a simple screw-driver, effects on a resistance value of the treble bleed circuit.

The combination of jumper switches and setting of the trimmer offers almost infinite values of treble bleed impact on the volume control.