Terms & Conditions

SEVER is a registered trade mark. In the following text the term Sever.si represents SEVER Glasbila in glasbena oprema d.o.o. Izola, Cankarjev drevored 34, 6310 Izola, Slovenija.

By visiting and using our web site you accept our conditions and valid terms. With browsing and registering on Sever.si you declare that you agree with all of the terms, conditions, stipulations and requirements listed in the present Terms and conditions.

This Terms and conditions were approved by the official company representatives and they follow all of the legal and merchant legislation valid in Slovenia (OZ-UPB1, ZEPT, ZVOP-1, ECaTT). The content of Sever.si web site can be changed, replenished or removed without further notice at any time abiding in favor of its users due to maintenance or content update.    

Sever.si and the web site user agree that they will arrange all of their mutual relations regarding (on-line) buying, technical support and administrative procedures based on the existing Terms and conditions.

Beside this section the provisions of Terms and conditions are also explained in segments About us, Shipping and Privacy Policy.

Users account

Users of the Sever.si web site can create a user account. A user name and password is needed in order to register. Both can be selected at first registration. The user account function enables multiple interactions: My Account, Address Books, Wish List, Order History Downloads, Returns, Transactions, Newsletter, Recurring payments. A users account enables fast, manageable and user friendly shopping experience. The data recorded in the users account is used only for the purposes of on-line shopping and promotion actions taken by Sever.si, if the users agree with it. More about personal information handling and safety read here: Privacy Policy.  

Ordering and purchasing

Sever.si offers an adjusted ordering and purchasing service which is user friendly, simple and safe. Orders can be placed 24 hour a day 7 days a week at any day in the year.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • collect on delivery (only for orders from Slovenia)
  • personal payment with package pick up at the official Sever store in Izola, Slovenia
  • paying upon pro forma invoice
  • PayPal (additional charges due to administrative fees are possible).

Registered users have a insight into their order history. The web site offer is optional and depends on the current stock availability.


All items ordered via Sever.si can be returned with full compensation if certain conditions are abided by. The customer can return the item if it does not reach his expectations, if the size/measurements of the item are wrong or if the item does not meet the buyer’s standards in any case. The customer is required to send a e-mail note to sever@sever.si within 14 days from the package delivery. After leaving this note the customer is obliged to return the item within 30 days from leaving the return note (or after a time defined with Sever.si) on Sever.si official address.

The returned item has to be intact and undamaged, packed in its original packaging. If the purchased merchandise included some extra (free) items from special offers or promotions it have to be likewise returned under the same conditions. A copy of the original invoice must be included in the return.

The item may not be returned if:

  • the safety seal was removed from the package and/or the item itself
  • the item was removed from its original package
  • the item was made by customer specifications, adapted to his needs
  • it involves a perishable item or an item with expired date of use
  • the item includes audio and/or video material, books and computer programs
  • the item includes newspapers, magazines and similar periodic publications.

If the presented return conditions are not fulfilled the return and money back are not going to be granted. Otherwise the items can be returned personally or by mail at SEVER d.o.o. Izola, Cankarjev drevored 34, 6310 Izola, Slovenia.

The purchase price will be returned to buyer’s bank account or PayPal. The money will be returned within the legal frames and it will take up to 30 days to get a refund. If the customer agrees it is also possible to cash the purchase money for a new order.

All of the sell and buy contracts between Sever.si and its customers are kept archived. Registered users can access to their data through their user account. In case that a customer needs a copy of the contract (invoice) he can claim it at sever@sever.si.

In case of complaint or in need of further information regarding Sever.si web store service you can search for help through company’s contact data.