SUMMIT® set of professional gluing clamps - low profile

Brand: Summit
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Technical data 
- Set of professional gluing clamps (3 pcs gluing  clams+ 4 pcs binding plates w/srews)
- Assembled dim. 625x440x30

-The clamps are low profile giving them stability
- Made from industrial quality heavy-duty tempered steel - hardened to 40–45 HRc.
- Nickel-plated for rust resistance and easy cleaning.

 Set that apply pressure in just the right place
- To form a sturdy bed on which to lay your body blank halves.

- Enable fast, precise and strong gluing for guitar bodies, tops necks, etc.
- To combine with non-stick plates

- Engineered to offer the best grip and maximum power transmission 
- The clamp jaws are angled slightly inwards to press the work down onto the clamp bed
- The screw thread is engineered to give a strong clamping power coupled with the speedy adjustment