SEVER Vintage Style Ergonomic St.Steel saddles 11,2mm/set of 6

Brand: Sever
Product Code: 4127
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Price: 59.50€
Technical data
- 11.2 mm string spacing
- All high grade Stainless Steel Construction so no rusting
Vintage Style Ergonomic  St.Steel saddles 11,2 mm set includes:
- 6 stainless steel long octave  adjusting screws with +PH1 oval head
- stainless steel M3 height adjusting screws with 1,5 hexagon socket
- 6 stainless steel eliptical shape springs
- 6 stainless steel ergonomically shaped saddles
- 1 allen key 1,5 mm
- Replacement Saddles for vintage style electric guitars
- Height set screws retained within the saddle, no sharp edges!
- Elliptical spring ends for greater stability
- Improved tone and sustain