SUMMIT® multitask press device for luthiers

Brand: Summit
Product Code: 8009
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Price: 249.78€

Technical data
- 2,90kg weight, made from best forged materials-tempered steel

- For fretting 
- Bushing install and remove on peg head (guitar&bass) 
- As riveting stand
- No attachments included
- Designed for use on electric guitars and basses.
- Sturdy manufacture for years of reliable use
- Unique on the marker with it's locking handle
- Useful for holding stubborn frets while gluing
- Entirely designed and produced in EU.
- You get the device disassembled with
assembling instructions.
-Check for  attachments for fretting, bass bushings and guitar bushings
- The device is meant for use as a luthier tool for fret installing and bushing installation/removal. - Any other use, altering or adding other attachments other than original Summit products to the device can irreversibly damage it, causing it to malfunction.
- Improper use of this device will result in a warranty invalidation.