SUMMIT® fast spring gluing clamp

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The traditional Spanish luthier method for gluing classical guitar tops is to use a series of clamping springs. (see pictures).  Summit Tools has designed an improved version of the springs providing optimal pressure in the vertical direction.  This specially treated wire spring has a geometric design and a  diameter of 4mm.  Overall dimensions are approximately 165 x 120mm with a weight of 35g.
In situation when a large and long surface has to be glued before the glue starts drying, the solution are presented spring clamps.
Easier than you think, you need a good preparation phase , especially for repair jobs we recommend a dry test – no glue applied, try the process, see eventual weak spots.

With SUMMIT® Fast Spring Gluing Clamps gluing tops or backs is fast and accurate, with maximal control. Efficiency pays off the costs, with first  build or/and repair.
The method  accelerates the working proceeding and gives you more spare time.