SUMMIT® ergonomic fast fret press pliers

Brand: Summit
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-Technical data
- Length 265 mm, weight only 0,74 kg
- Material hardness 44-48HRc.
- World's lightest fret mounting pliers
- Made from high endurance Chrome-Vanadium steel
- Fully adjustable 5 opening positions, plus fine adjustment with grip wheel.
- Soft and precise movements of the parts allows effective repeated pressure.
- Once adjusted, you get consistent pressure every time you press
- One hand movement release action, not any force required.
Quick an easy changing cauls
Cauls are easily swapped without the need for a screw, just pull the caul out and press in the new one.
- Delivered with basic set of cauls:  FLAT,7.1/4'',12'',16''
   Demo here: