Sever pot set JB 2V+TC+gold plated socket

Brand: Sever
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Technical data
Set  JB V2-T1:
-2X independent Sever Volume potentiometer P taper, 250 kOhm
- Master Sever Tone potentiometer B, 250 kOhm adjustable capacitor values
- Gold plated socket
- Solder free wiring

-3 jumper switches on the circuit board
-When the tone jumper switch is set on OFF, the tone control is functioning with just a basic capacitor obtaining so, the brightest tone control regulation
-Setting the jumper switch on ON means adding more capacitance to tone control and darker tone potentiometer activity

- With the 2 treble bleed jumpers we can enable or disable the treble bleed funktion of the corespondent Neck or Bridge volume potentiometer
- All potentiometers are 250KΩ, except volumes, has an unique P taper characteristic enlarging the effective zone of the rotation when volume adjusting
- Picture bellow they are all ON. Here is an example with jumper switches all OFF: