Pot set Telecaster on control plate polished

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Technical data
Set Telecaster assembled mounted on control plate, polished finish
- VTB+T printed circuit board
- Toggle Switch
- Socket goden plated cotacts
- Telecaster Stainless Steel control pate polished finish

-Set for telecaster comprising a stainless steel plate with volume and tone control,
- Pick-up - Selector (Neck-Both-Bridge)
- Wired gold plated output jack

- Easy mounting no-soldering

Tone control consists in a 250KΩ tone potentiometer with an option of choosing 4 different capacitors, or the combination of them, with the consequence of different »depth« of the tone control activity.

- 3 jumper swithes on the circuit board. In the first picture they are all OFF, meaning there is just a basic capacitor acting on the tone control -the brightest sound.


- Second picture,example of the jumper switch set on ON meaning adding extra capacitance to the circuit – in the case of the tone control we obtain deeper sound
- Choose the jumper switch combination for your optimal sound

- Volume control consists in a 250KΩ volume potentiometer with a special P taper characteristic enlarging the effective zone of the rotation when volume adjusting
-The extra feature of this potentiometer is an adjustable paralel treble bleed circuit
- All 3 jumper switches are in OFF position, means there is just a basic capacitor acting on treble bleed control
Adding jumper switches on ON position, results in adding capacitance in the paralel treble bleed circuit

-Trimmer potentiometer (picture above)adjustable with a screw-driver, effects on a resistance value of the treble bleed circuit
- The combination of jumper switches and setting of the trimmer offers almost infinite values of treble bleed impact on the volume control