SUMMIT® professional luthier wrenches

SUMMIT professional luthier open end wrenches, specially designed - extra thin 2mm for easy, "damage-free" tightening machineheads hex-nut, when strings on:

At the same time strong and hard  made from special tool steel entirely hardened and tempered to 56÷60 HRc, surface finish chrome plated according to standard EN12540.
(Available dimension 10',12',14,15,19 mm and 7/16'')
SUMMIT professional luthier tubular wrenches made from high-quality materials (tempered steel)Produced according to standard EN 12540 Fe//Ni 10b/Cr. Specially designed with minimum beveled inner edge for better grip and bigger contact surface (see pictures) for fast, easy, risk free mounting of low profile hex-nuts on machineheads: